History of  L L B C

Plans for a Lawn Bowling operation here in Lambeth began as early as July , 1916. Play began the next year in July of 1917

The first General Meeting of the Lambeth Lawn Bowling Club was held at the home of the president, Dr. A.R. Routledge on Sept. 10, 1917 with 22 gentlemen present. The bylaws which had been formed at a previous meeting were read and adopted.

On November 2, 1917 at the second meeting of the club, it was discussed that the Lawn Bowling Club would enter into a lease of the Bowling Club property with the Village Trustees at a cost of $ 1.00 per year. (Note:  We still lease this property from the City of London for the same amount.)

In July of 1918 a presentation was made to Mr. Carley ( owner of the general store and the village postmaster) in consideration of his fine work while acting as caretaker of the grounds. He received a pair of Bowls suitably inscribed. Mr. Carley was paid $50.00. for services rendered

At a general meeting on May 12, 1919 a motion was carried that all returning solders` membership fees be $2.50.  These meetings of the Club were held for several years in the Offices of the Royal Bank building.

On Oct. 1, 1919, an ‘All London Tournament’ was held where the entry fee was $4.00 per rink and 1st. prize was $16.00 in eatables

July 6, 1920  - The Games, Grounds and Refreshment Committees met to arrange the summer tournament. The entrance fee -  $5.00 per rink.

 The following entries were invited.  St. Thomas, Aylmer, Ingersoll, Huron & Erie, Thistle, Strathroy, Ontario Hospital (now Fairmont), Elmwood, St. Mark’s, All Saints, McClary’s, Rowing Club,  Ridgetown, Harrietsville  and Lambeth.

  1st prize - 10 lbs honey extracted.  2nd prize  -  pair of bowling shoes


 In 1924 plans were drawn up for a club house. The building was 18’ x 24’ and is now our jitney house. In 1971 a meeting was called to discuss the building of a new clubhouse. The membership approved in principal the proposal to a maximum of  $6,000. The original building was moved and a new club house was constructed with a kitchen, washrooms and a screed in porch. The building had a facelift a few years ago with the porch being incorporated into the indoor space and an outdoor patio incorporated. In 2014 the interior of the clubhouse was again renovated with new fireproof drywall and new lighting. The building is now heated and air conditioned so it can be used year round.


It is interesting to see what the membership fees over the years have been. In the early years, the men paid more that the ladies for their memberships.

                       Men              Ladies

   1962         $ 10.00            $ 2.50

   1965            12.00               4.00

   1972            15.00               7.50

   1992            40.00             40.00            32  members

   2001                      $  60.00

   2004                      $  75.00                    47  members

   2007                      $120.00                    63  members

   present                     $ 165.00

 In 1993 Westminster Township and the village of Lambeth became a part of the City of London. Fortunately, the club was able to still lease the land from the city but the City required the club to become incorporated. This was completed in June of 2002.

 Members of the Lambeth Lawn Bowling Club are still enjoying the social and competitive activity of this sport after 100 hundred years.





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